The GSC Detachment Command has been looking at ways we could be more inclusive, and the topic of religious restrictions came up. These are the costumes from the current working list of GSC costumes that may* work most easily for wearing hijab, modesty, or other religious concerns such as beards (which also is obviously just a thing in general).

Any generic can be a female if that is something that is preferred rather than costuming as a male character. (There are a lot of dudes on this list.) Also note, this is a list of officer and commander type costumes because we were looking specifically at resources for making the GSC more welcoming. There are also a ton of costumes that fall under other detachments that may work. (Handmaidens, Jawa, Clones with kama, skirted Jedi)

*This list is a starting point, and there are obviously nuances and varying rules. We absolutely want expert input! If anyone has ideas, suggestions, etc. we want to hear them!


This is the initial list of the officer/commander costumes we’ve identified. (Click on the costume link to see a picture.)


Note: Any generic officers from all eras can be done as aliens, so masks can be worn with quite a few costumes! Twi’leks, while not a full mask, may be an option to consider (especially when paired with a cap and scarf). Lekku can be flesh-toned if make-up is a concern.

Face Characters and Unique Alien Generic Costumes:


Several of the hats/caps worn by officers have either integrated ear flaps that can be worn to completely cover the hair and in some cases the neck. Others, such as the RFT helmet worn by Rebel Fleet Captains could possibly be worn over a traditional hijab.

Hoth Hat:

Scarves are worn with some of the Hoth hats, and would be a reasonable addition to any generic if more neck coverage is needed.

Note: Luke and Han in their Hoth Officer costumes also can wear this hat.

Naboo Officer Hat:

Both of these uniforms have the added advantage of a skirted tunic.  The TPM cap has a back panel that hides the majority of the neck, wearing a hijab underneath to further cover the ears may also be a possibility.  There are cannon named female Naboo Security Officers in the books as well.

Resistance Cap and Scarf:
In TFA particularly, there are a number of generic officers who wear patrol caps with either an additional drape covering the neck or over a scarf.  

RFT Helmet:
This would deviate slightly from the standards/references, but the helmet is large enough, it may be possible to request a religious exemption. The LMO would make the call here.


Most GSC costumes are military in nature so feature pants, however, there are a few that may work for modesty concerns- particularly when paired with a wig or cap.


Beards/Facial Hair:
All sorts of facial hair is included here rather than just beards, as it’s often a challenge for people with facial hair in general to find a character where shaving isn’t required.  Note: Any Generic Officer Costume can wear any type of facial hair!

Full Beard:

Beard Only:

Mustache & Goatee:

Mustache Only:

Mutton Chops:


This list is by no means comprehensive- it is meant as a jumping off point. If anyone has suggestions for expanding the list please let us know!