GSC 2019-20 Detachment Staff:

2019-20 Command:

DCO: RebelLady (Kristina G.)
DXO: tenebris (Empathy)

Membership Officer: Jananichole (Jana)

Expert Emeritus: Granny-Wan (Marie)

Costume Resource Team: RebelLady (Kristina G.), tenebris (Empathy), instarlight (Anya), RogueLeader1995 (Giulia), PArmstr (Patricia), RogueWic (Heather W.)

Costume Standards Team: RebelLady (Kristina G.), tenebris (Empathy), PArmstr (Patricia), ibejedi (Heather T.)

Webmaster: Fulcrum III (Gregory)

PR and Social Media:
Member Highlights Point Person: RogueLeader1995 (Giulia)
Character Highlights Point Person: LeiaAurora (Natalie)
Tutorials/Costume Details: RebelLady (Kristina G.)
IG Challenges Team: Jananichole (Jana), RogueLeader1995 (Giulia)

Merchandise: HawkWolf (Bradley) & tenebris (Empathy)

Graphic Design: XilaleStrange (Priscila)


Command Post Duty Officers:

Patriot Command Post / Freedom Base: RebelZel (Kristina S.)

Beggars Canyon Command Post / Mos Eisley Base: ibejedi (Heather T.)

Home One Command Post / Estree Base: tenebris (Empathy)

Smuggler’s Moon Command Post / Nar Shaddaa Base: Blue (Beth)

Valiant Command Post / Alderaan Base: Naglium (Gordon)

Yavin Command Post / Sunrider Base: RebelLady (Kristina G.), RogueWic (Heather W.)

Forest Moon Command Post / Endor Base: RebelScum5150 (Mike)

Headquarters Frigate Command Post / Italian Base: RogueLeader1995 (Giulia)


We are always looking for help with costume resource development and costume standard development! If interested contact RebelLady.