Vi Moradi, Black Spire Outpost

Vi Moradi is a human female spy who served the Resistance. She appears in the Black Spire Outpost book that's based off of Galaxy's Edge. There are not enough references for this costume to be approved. [gallery ids="3170,3172,3173,3175,3174,3169,3171"]

Poe Dameron (Lego Holiday Special)

This version of Poe Dameron only appears in the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. This costume is not approvable for the Rebel Legion, because it only appears in LEGO form. However, this costume can be made for fun! [gallery ids="3094,3095,3096,3097,3098,3099,3100,3101,3102,3103,3104,3105"]

Resistance Officer Version D

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Resistance Officer Version C

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Resistance Officer Version B

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